Water Heater Installation and Repair

Say goodbye to icy showers and lukewarm baths – our expert team is here to ensure your home is equipped with the perfect water heating solution tailored to your needs. Elevate your home’s comfort and efficiency!

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Exceptional Water Heater Services by Three Kings Plumbing

When installing and repairing a new water heater, we meticulously assess your needs to recommend the most suitable unit for your home. Our expert installation process ensures proper sizing, compliance with safety regulations, and seamless integration into your plumbing system. And when unexpected issues arise, our prompt repair services address problems swiftly, restoring your hot water supply with minimal disruption.

 Water Heater Options:
Which is Right for Your Home?

Storage tank water heaters: Conventional water heaters use a tank to hold water and then an energy sources heats the water held in the tank.  The amount of hot water available depends on how large the tank is and the recovery rate for the unit.  These units are available in atmospheric vent gas, power vent gas,  and electric forms.

Tankless or on demand water heaters: Tankless units heat the water as water passes through the unit. This enables tankless units to be very high in energy efficiency.  The tankless units also do not run out of hot water as they do not rely on the use of storage tanks to produce hot water.

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